Thursday, May 26, 2022
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“Through Deep Waters” – In the Huddle

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE (Isaiah 43:2, NLT) When you go through deep waters, I will be with you. TODAY’S WORD You may be in deep waters today. The business suffered...

My letter to Payton the gunman! 

“Dear Payton “Gunman” Gendron: Okay, you don’t know me and until a week ago, I didn’t know you. But since you disrupted my life when you...

Lonely in Plain Sight!

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EPB Promotes Ken Jones To Lead Combined Purchasing, Materials Management & MWOB Efforts

In the new position, Jones will be responsible for leading the company’s overall Purchasing and Materials Management as well as the MWOB Program, which...
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This Week in African American History

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What Is Monkeypox, and How Worried Should Americans Be? 

TA worrisome international outbreak of monkeypox, a less harmful cousin of the smallpox virus, has now reached the United States and Canada. What is monkeypox?...

Black-Owned Tech Firm Receives Patent For Wristband and Smart Watch Used For Non-Invasive Detection of Glucose and Pathogens

Nationwide — Better Life Technologies Group, Inc., a Black-owned biotech firm based in San Diego, California, has been granted a patent for technology that...

How a Lack of Sleep Can Widen Your Waistline

People who choose to skip sleep to study, work or play late into the night may find they’ve extended not just their waking hours...
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