Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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“Greater Is Coming” – In the Huddle

TODAY’S SCRIPTURE: (Psalm 71:20–21, NLT) YOU have allowed me to suffer much hardship, but…YOU will restore me to even greater honor and comfort me once again. TODAY’S...

Birthday “Confession” of an Imperfect Man!

Ever have one of those moments when something comes to you leaving you grappling with, “what do I do with this?” When that happens...
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What’s Causing Generational Destruction & Death

By Robin Smith  Are you aware that the lifespan of American adults is significantly impacted by something which has fallen out of our discussions, yet...

Everything You Need to Know About Paxlovid. Should You Take It?

When President Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 on July 21, his physician recommended he take the antiviral drug Paxlovid. The drug significantly reduces the likelihood...

More Americans Not Getting Boosted

By Peter White  NASHVILLE, TN – Fewer Americans are getting a second booster shot and only 2.8% of young children under five years old have...

Blacks In Tech Needed For Paid Cohort Program

Rob Taylor Jr.  – Courier Staff Writer  The tech field, which was, a decade ago, overwhelmingly White, is becoming more diverse.  But only at a snail’s pace.  According...

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